Homer Raguet, secretary of the Eden Prairie Cemetery Association, submitted the following information for the February 10, 1974 meeting of the Eden Prairie Historical Society:


The original Plat of the Eden Prairie Cemetery Association was surveyed in May of 1864 by Wm. A. Fuller and filed with R.R. Bryant, register of Deeds, on February 9, 1865.  The deed from Alex Gould was recorded January 27, 1865.  The lots were 16 ft. north and south by 18 ft. east and west.  The avenues running north and south are 6 ft. wide and the avenues running east and west are 4 ft. except Main which is 8 ft.  The avenues east and west are named as follows:  North Ave., Maple Ave., Plum Ave., Grove Ave., Main Ave., Prairie Ave., Pine Ave., Oak Ave., and South Ave...  Main Ave. was the entrance and road through the cemetery.


Family names of lot owners in the original Plat are:  Hamilton, Bailey, Schmidel, Apgar, Eden Prairie Township, Seiler, Jarrett, Gould, Oothoudt, Good, Seck, Lowell, Furgerson, Smith, Blakley. Jarrett, Staring, Neill, Turkey, Barker, Miller, Turkey, Cass, Collins, Cummings, Gould, Staring, Mitchell, Raguet, Brown, Clark, Moran, Wm. Anderson, Robbins, Rivers, Comstock, Stacy, Moran, Anderson, Seiler, Gould, Neill, Terrell, Paine, Kempton, Gibbs, Mitchell, Hulbert, Pemberton.


In 1906 more land was purchased from H. C. Akeley which was one row of lots on the south side and three rows on the west side of the cemetery.  In 1914 more land was purchased from Florence Akeley which was a 10 ft. strip on the south side and ½ acre on the west side.  In 1957 two acres of land was purchased south and west of the cemetery from the Eden Prairie Development Co.  I have outlined these purchases with colored crayon on the cemetery map.


I have the Secretary Books of the Association dating from 1898.  Before that date I have no record of the meetings.  On March 9, 1897 the new by-Laws were adopted and J. W. Pemberton was elected secretary, A. S. Neill, treasurer and Frank Rivers, chairman.  The following have served as trustees of the Cemetery Association:


A. S. Neill - 1904Wm. Schnitzel - 1920-1941

J. W. Pemberton - 1898-1920George Brume - 1922-1946

Frank Rivers - 1899Fred H. Miller - 1929

Wm. Anderson - 1899-1916Homer Raguet - 1941

F. F. Miller - 1904-1929Severing Peterson - 1946-1970

C. E. Hulbert - 1916-1922Harry A. Rogers - 1970


Present Trustees:Harry A. Rogers, Chairman

Fred H. Miller, Treasurer

Homer Raguet, Secretary


In going thru the minutes, the following seemed of some historical interest:


1898 – Sale of lot $5.00 (8 graves)


1902 – A. S. Neill to see about purchase of land


1903 –Recommended that the board be instructed to build a cistern in the cemetery as soon as there is enough money


1906 – Paid H. C. Akeley $20.00 for land


1909 – Fred Miller was instructed to have gophers poisoned in cemetery


1910 – Committee of three; F. F. Miller, C. E. Hulbert, J. H. Anderson have charge of fencing the cemetery with help of lot owners.


1911 – No assessments of lots this year – dry weather last year.  On motion resolved that the trustees have charge of where teams be allowed to drive in cemetery.


1916 – Trustees were instructed to buy bricks to restake cemetery.  On motion resolve to authorize F. F. Miller to take measures to collect all back dues.


1917 – Only two members present – no business transacted.


1919 – On motion resolved to have Mr. Good mow the cemetery twice at proper times.  It was wish of lot owners to have cemetery fence fixed, the cemetery restaked, and the center isle graveled.


1920 – It was the opinion of lot owners present to purchase steel posts and repair fence and restake lots.


1923 – The cemetery board met Feb. 5, 1923 and decided that the price of lots shall be $20.00 from this date.


1926 – Special Meeting, March 12, 1926 to set up a trust fund.


1930 – On motion Fred H. Miller was ordered to withdraw the money from the Minnesota Trust and Loan C. and deposit it in the Farmers and Mechanics Bank.


1931 – Resolved that a well be put in.  Mrs. Stolz pledged $25.00, Mrs. F. F. Miller pledged $25.00, and Wm. Zahalka pledged to put in said well for $1.25 per foot.


1934 – Moved that lot owners get to-gether on May 21 to clean cemetery and that the ladies give a good dinner.  Here after all lots sold will be $75.00, that includes cemetery fund.


1946 – Approved motion to sell ½ lot (4 graves) for $50.00


1952 – Approved motion to sell ½ lot for $75.00 and full lot for $125.00


1957 – Approved motion to sell lot for $300.00, ½ lot for $150.00, 2 graves for $100.00


1958 – Purchased and paid for 2 acres of land from Eden Prairie Development Co.


1960 – John Rogers bequest of $500.00 was to be matched by lot owners.  It was matched and over subscribed.


1969 – Motion approved to set price of graves at $100.00 each.


1970 – Special Committee appointed consisting of Art Miller, Dean Oothoudt, Doris Charnstrom, to get bid and black top drive way.  Cost $2,495.00 paid by donations for lot owners and friends.


The people buried in this cemetery contributed to the early history of our community and we respect and honor them in their final resting place.


Homer Raguet, Secretary.